Academic Services Provided to Students/ Executives

  1. Dissertation/Thesis/Coursework Assignments/Projects/Case Study Analysis
    1. Sequences/Steps to initiate how the issues in question to be tackled
    2. Focus will be put on the criteria below and compensation charged will be commensurate with the inherent difficulties presented. For instance:
      1. Knowledge base: comprehension of topics selected; grasp of key concepts; themes; questions & issues
      2. Analytical power: issues identification; independent thinking; adequate critique; critical appreciation; sensitivity on potential pitfalls and likely competitive reactions
      3. Structure of arguments: coherently articulated; logically constructed; concretely reasoned; well integrated; minimizing deficiencies in expression & format.
      4. Demonstration of calibre on successful completion of courses
        1. Address the purpose of the assignment and the focus is evident
        2. Ability to embrace the strategic implications; nuances of the title; issues at stake etc.
        3. Ability to conceptualize the inter-relationships amongst theories/principles in real-life applications
        4. Selection of optimal analytical tools to chosen topics, to avoid theoretical models being couched merely in simplistic terms
        5. To illustrate concept application in the right measure and critical engagement of strategic alternatives
      5. Concluding remarks: clear & illuminatory thoughts; well-grounded and showing reflection upon issues raised; theories and academic literature applied to substantiate the recommendation being put forward.
  2. Supervision, monitoring and proof-reading coursework with flexibility, from timely at best and short notice at worst.
  3. Concepts Comprehension and application via dyadic exchange and guidance provided.
  4. Instructions, suggestions and recommendations of selected academic models; theoretical concepts to be used in courseworks. Real-life examples from Greater China will be provided as illustration and considered for usage if needed
  5. Detailed & practical (tailor-made) lecture notes can be provided if deemed appropriate
  6. Content Strategy: hints on choices of learning materials can be boiled down to suggesting text titles; selected chapter(s), page nos, location of paragraphs; figures and tables in the texts
  7. Provision of lists of selected glossary to keep one up on speed
  8. Well engineered mini-quizes and case studies to test understanding with answers provided(can be used as a form of “mock” exam)