• Ko relaxing with his teammates (GMAT) at the Caltex Corporate Box, Yankee Stadium.

Previous Tenure

Staying ahead of the curve, the Global Marketing Action Team(GMAT) of Caltex met in Greater China for Conference

(*GMAT comprised 13 individuals from 60+ countries in Caltex Worldwide Network)

A snapshot when Ko hosted the meeting in Greater China (Second from right, front row, sitting next to Mr. Curt Douglas, Presidents & CEO of Greater China) and Ms. Geneie Stringer (Caltex Dallas, USA), heading brand champions from different markets.

Corresponding Organizations/ Institutes

  • Caltex Greater China Ltd.; Caltex Global Marketing Action Team (GMAT), Caltex Dollas, USA
  • The Landor Associates (Brand Image & Identity consultant)
  • Ad agencies: Bates; TBWA
  • Caltex “Asian Game Regional Marketing Team”

Brand Strategic Initiatives (Projects)

  1. Corporate Reputation: Retail Image & Identity program working with the Landor Associates;
  2. Advertising Creative Strategy development for brand revitalization in APAC (3 TVCs); working with Bates/TBWA
  3. Asian Game PR & Corporate Hospitality/ Sports Marketing Programme (Official Sponsor) working with regional project team and agencies (Ko being team captain, 1998)

Management Strategies Involved

  1. Marketing strategy on re-positioning; brand revitalization and brand rejuvenation
  2. Creative strategy development (Glocal app.) in APAC
  3. International Sports PR Sponsorship
  4. Brand Image & Identity programmes to enhance corporate reputation.