The spectrum of services provided:

  1. Writing proposal on new product launch
  2. Preparation of marketing plan
  3. Formulation of positioning strategy to create point-of-differences and sustainable competitive advantages
  4. Development of an optimal marketing mix strategies to create the planned positioning
  5. Brand Re-positioning strategy to pre-empt competition and take first-mover advantages in lucid segments with unmet needs
  6. Appeal to broader customer base by creating points-of-differences(POD), e.g.; unique selling propositions; compelling consumer benefits and innovative product claims, etc.
  7. To stride the brand ahead and avoid obsolescence by manoeuvrable strategy in the “brand life-cycle”
  8. Brand revitalization and brand rejuvenation to stay ahead of the curve via timely staged strategies in the process of “Diffusion of Innovation”

* This is by no means an exhaustive list. Other marketing strategies/ operations can be planned under mutual consent.